Tippy's Treats Tippy's Treats Tippy's Treats - 10 inch bone

Tippy's Treats - 10 inch bone

Tippy's Treats - 10 inch bone
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Weight 7.25 oz


A 10 inch peanut butter bone that is 1/4 inch thick and so full of flavor. Made with NON-GMO ingredients that are wheat, corn, soy free.

This bone will please the largest dog as a great snack and the small dog will think it's in heaven as it gnaws on this treat. Easy for digestion and for those dogs with wheat allergies.

Peanut Butter: Whole oat flour, dark rye flour, pureed peanuts, organic yogurt, whole rolled oats, whole eggs
min. crude protein 16.1%, min. crude fat 19.39%, max. crude fiber 1.1%, max. moisture 7.3%
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